Thursday, June 23, 2022 - Theater Walhalla

When asked to describe their music, this three-piece has a resolute answer ready: Dishwasher_ makes jazz for the non-jazzbelievers. Their aim? To scrub down all possible walls between genres to create a fresh smelling sound and style.

The three Dishwashers_ hail from Ghent (Belgium) but bassist Louise and drummer Arno met during their bachelor studies at the Conservatorium Maastricht, which is considered to be the most international conservatory in Europe. After hooking up with saxophonist/synthesist Werend, they started jamming and doing free improv concerts, which eventually led to Dishwasher_.

“We started just before the pandemic, like a month before,” says Louise. “At first we couldn’t meet each other as much as we wanted. Instead, we had lots of time to write music, and experiment on our own. These experiments were brought to rehearsal, which was great.”

“Dishwasher_ is a fusion of many things. We admire computer produced music like Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, but are also influenced by the jazz greats. We love musicians and bands who blend different genres to one coherent thing: STUFF., Niels Broos x Jamie Peet, Frank Zappa, Smandem – to name a few.”

Louise Van Den Heuvel – bass
Werend Van Den Bossche – sax, synth
Arno Grootaers – drums

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