Thursday, June 23, 2022 - Theater Walhalla

Are you ready for a potent mix of 80’s jazzfusion and modern alternative R&B and soul? With kotokid, bassist/producer Freek Mulder shows his fondness for analog synthesizers, sequencers and drumcomputers. “They inspire me to find new sounds and textures,” he says, and likens his trio’s output to “a wall of sound, with the dynamics and energy of a live fusion band.”

Freek and his fellow bandmates all studied jazz at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. The pandemic sped things up for kotokid. “Because of the pandemic, I couldn’t play live that much anymore. Since this was the biggest part of my work, I had more time to focus on producing music. Spending more time on it, helped me discover the potential of the music that I was working on. It also freed up space in my bandmembers’ agenda’s to experiment. We had the time to get together, record a live EP and video’s, and develop our sound.”

Freek Mulder – bass guitar, synths, sequencers
Maarten Cima – guitar
Jonathan Szegedi – drums

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