Matthijs Geerts Group

Thursday, June 23, 2022 - Kantine Walhalla

Keyboardist Matthijs Geerts has been one of the Netherlands go-to session players for a number of years now. You may have seen him perform with GreyHeads, Marutyri and DESH, and with his own group and the (October 2021) release of Lost In Reverse he steps proudly into the spotlights. In his bio he describes the idea behind his music as “a new template to connect the acoustic and electronic worlds”, which helps him to create “contemporary jazz in its most hybrid form.”

It was the pandemic that brought the Matthijs Geerts Group together. “There was suddenly more time to work on my own material,” he says. “Original music that I had my eye on for a while. I made some sketches and sent out a couple of demos to some longtime friends, friends that I know because of our studies at Codarts, Rotterdam. During our first rehearsal we really connected musically as a band, and from that moment on we continued to shape our music.”

Matthijs has a broad interest in music, which translates into his compositions as well as his playing. Dazzling fast runs, deep harmonic structure and nuanced sound textures are all addressed. “Every composition has its own story to tell. Sometimes we refer to it as energy, energy that we translate through composition and improvisation into music.”

Matthijs Geerts – piano
Jesse Schilderink – sax
Michiel Stekelenburg – guitar
Johannes Fend – double bass
Davy Henket – drums

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