Nefertiti Quartet

Thursday, June 23, 2022 - Conny Janssen Danst Studio’s

Nefertiti Quartet have been exploring improvisation for almost a decade. After meeting at the Conservatoire de Paris in 2012, the four members have been playing extensively while building a repertoire of original compositions. With traditional instrumentation (sax, piano, double bass, drums) the group is striving to take their music to new places, offering a palette ranging from sweet singable melodies to contemporary textures and totally free improvisation. “We believe that we never stagnate in this way, and we take the listener on that journey with us,” says Nefertiti Quartet’s double bass player Pedro Ivo Ferreira.

In 2014, Ferreira came to live in Amsterdam, giving the group the opportunity to work with a broader European scope. “Our main source of inspiration is European Jazz and contemporary music. In Nefertiti, we all make the arrangements together. We like to take our time to fine-tune each piece and give the freedom to each musical personality to shine. Just like that, the improvisation can be led by any member, not having any pre-determined agreements, giving freedom to the music to go wherever it needs to translate the moment.”

Pedro Ivo Ferreira – double bass
Delphine Deau – piano
Camille Maussion – saxophone
Pierre Demange – drums

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