Raquel Kurpershoek

Wednesday, June 21, 2023 - BIMHUIS

The music of Raquel Kurpershoek is a fusion of different styles and influences. Kurpershoek, born in Amsterdam and raised partly in Spain, brings her expertise in Latin American music, while Alejandro Hurtado adds his flamenco guitar skills and classical influences. Danny Rombout, as a percussionist with Indian roots, brings Latin and Afro rhythms to the mix. Together they create a unique sound that is both diverse and cohesive, exploring the roots of each genre while also adding their own personality.

They create an intimate and poetic atmosphere during their performances, transporting the audience to other worlds and cultures that allow us to dream. Their music tells stories of fragility, friendship, love and desire.

Raquel Kurpershoek – voice
Alejandro Hurtado – guitar
Danny Rombout – percussion

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