Felix Schlarmann’s Tree House

Thursday, June 22, 2023 - LantarenVenster – room one

jazzahead!/inJazz commissioned project

Amsterdam-based drummer Felix Schlarmann is deeply rooted in the Dutch jazz scene – Germany’s neighbouring country has been his home for almost twenty years now. There he plays with numerous formations, teaches at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague and is a dedicated organiser and curator, among other things through his successful festival Jazzfest Amsterdam.

With his Tree House project, Felix presents a large ensemble, a group of musicians reflecting the diverse and international jazz scene in the Netherlands. The collective process is central in the development of the repertoire and the general band sound. After the try-out in Amsterdam in April, Felix comments: ‘It amazes me how this group of exceptional artistic personalities found each other in the new music within a very short period. The members, all creative individuals, bring something to the music that makes Tree House more than just the sum of its parts. In the ensemble’s unusual line-up two saxophones and vocals complement each other perfectly, blending into the colourful layers of guitar and piano, while the players create room for each other, and continuously guard the balance of the group’s unique band sound.’

Ben van Gelder – alto saxophone
Mete Erker – tenor saxophone
Līva Dumpe – voice
Olivier van Niekerk – guitar
Xavi Torres – piano
Pat Cleaver – bass
Felix Schlarmann – drums

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