Brintex Collective

Thursday, June 22, 2023 - LantarenVenster – room zero

This Rotterdam-based collective, led by keyboardist Brenn Luiten, started with three members. Inspired by jazz from the UK, hiphop and electronic music, Luiten started to write sketches for his own compositions. Together with the band, he worked them out and the project grew bigger. Nowadays, five or six musicians play Luiten’s work. At InJazz 2023 the flute and trumpet add to the keys, guitar, drums, and bass of the original trio, resulting in luxurious rhodes chords and slow melodies for the horn section.

The band tries to fill the gap between nightlife and gigs and feels like they achieve this in Rotterdam already.

Brenn Luiten – keys
Christopher Rijckaert – drums
Joop de Graaf – bass
Tommy van Leuken – synth/guitar
Antonio Moreno Glazkov – trumpet
Diana Dzhabbar – flute/sax

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