Matthias van den Brande Trio

Thursday, June 22, 2023 - Studio NAVB

This trio plays with the traditional roles of the instruments: you will hear the melody played on the drums, with the sax in the accompanying role. The trio was founded by Matthias van den Brande in 2021, after having shared many meaningful moments on and off stage over the years in different projects. They now feel they have a strong story to tell, in which their different personalities are clearly heard.

Matthias van den Brande himself is originally from Belgium and played and recorded with the Brussels Jazz Orchestra. Double bass player Tijs Klaassen has his own quintet, in which Van den Brande takes part as well.

The Matthias van den Brande Trio has won several European jazz contests over the years. This June they will launch their first album in Bimhuis (Amsterdam), followed by a release tour in Belgium, The Netherlands, France and Spain. They have the ambition to play in larger halls and more countries, in order to broaden their audience and to dig deeper into their musical soul and inspiration.

Matthias Van den Brande – saxophone
Tijs Klaassen – double Bass
Wouter Kühne – drums

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