Meral Polat Trio

Thursday, June 22, 2023 - Studio NAVB

Dutch-Turkish-Kurdish Meral Polat is an actress and theatre maker but enters the stage of inJazz 2023 as a singer-songwriter. Meral Polat Trio takes its audience on a journey through contemporary Anatolian folk- and mountain songs with raw blues and Kurdish Soul.

Their music is a multilingual groove of sorts, weaving distinct musical worlds together, with lyrics in Kurdish and Turkish. The band consists of American Keyboardist-guitarist Chris Doyle, Puerto Rican American drummer Frank Rosaly alternated with Belgian drummer Jens Bouttery and at the center of the Trio is vocalist Meral Polat. Driven by the poetic legacy of her father, Ali İhsan Polat, and inspired by her ancestral Alevi roots from Dersim, the Trio undertakes a quest and give new meaning to universal stories.

Meral Polat – voice/percussion
Chris Doyle – guitar/keyboard
Jens Bouttery – drums

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