Thursday, June 22, 2023 - Club MOOD

Best Dutch Jazz 2022 at Sublime Awards

Piero Bianculli, Italian singer and Hammond organ player, plays his own exciting, jazzy and funky work with his new band Organix. After two decades of giving energetic performances, he and his friends and band members Thijmen Molema, Jens Dreijer and Simone Cesarini take the step to record their own album in the studio of Sven Figee (Sven Hammond).

Expect to hear their instrumental virtuosity, as well as some magnificent lead vocals from Piero. This combination of vocals and organ remind of the sound of The Peddlers – one of the most inspiring Hammond bands from the sixties.

Piero Bianculli – voice and Hammond organ
Thijmen Molema – drums
Jens Dreijer – bass
Simone Cesarini – guitar

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