AVA Trio

Thursday, June 22, 2023 - Club MOOD

How would ancient Pompeii and Rome have sounded? AVA Trio tried to reimagine this on their latest album Ash. Maqam melodies and meticulous trance-y grooves merge with these sounds from ancient history and form ‘Mediterranean Avant-garde’. In their previous work the trio merged North-African, Middle Eastern and South-European cultures in their sound.

Giuseppe Doronzo and Esat Ekincioğlu co-founded the trio in 2015. Doronzo, bariton saxophonist from Italy, won the BUMA Music in Motion Awards in 2022 for his composition for the short film GOYA. Ekincioğlu is a Turkish double bass player based in Groningen. He plays in the successful band KUHN FU and leads Turkish Pumpkin, a band that improvises Near-Eastern wedding and funeral music. Ekincioğlu also started his own booking office: Chilli Chilli Agency – for spicy music.

Giuseppe Doronzo – baritone saxophone, bagpipes, flutes
Esat Ekincioglu – double bass
Ezgi Elkırmış – percussions

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