Wake The Dead

Thursday, June 22, 2023 - LantarenVenster – room one

A unique combination: baroque instruments and modern improvisation. Wake The Dead creates a delicate musical world, full of hypnotic ambient textures, glitchy electronics and fragmented melodies, joined by the warm sound of the old instruments like the traverso flute and the viola da gamba.

Band leaders Morris Kliphuis (The Netherlands) and Joanna Duda (Poland) have been recording improvisations and developing them into compositions. The first performance of Wake The Dead was in October 2022, with Early Music players from The Royal Conservatoire of The Hague.

Kliphuis and Duda are a steady duo and can be joined by different baroque ensembles wherever they perform. With these collaborations they want to investigate how historic ways of playing can find a place in their music, leading to new, inspiring combinations.

Joanna Duda – piano, electronics
Morris Kliphuis – horn, electronics
Eduardo Gaspar Polo Baader – traverso
María García Sánchez – baroque violin
Marino González García – viola da gamba

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