Yoràn Vroom’s Group of Friends

Thursday, June 22, 2023 - LantarenVenster – room zero

Group of Friends plays music that represents the African diaspora in its totality, combining folklore with the spirit of collective improvisation. They like to change the center of their music, dividing all aspects of music amongst all members of the group: the foundation can be laid by the electronic wind instrument (EWI), percussion can play the melody.

Yoràn Vroom from Amsterdam is one of the most all-round jazz drummers of the moment. He knows how to mix kaseko, jazz and West-African rhythms perfectly, according to Dutch critic Leendert van der Valk. Vroom started playing drums at a very young age. He attributes an important part of his musical development to his study of drums with Surinam-Dutch drum master Eddy Veldman and of West-African percussion with percussion great Ponda O’Bryan.

Yoràn Vroom – drums
Timothy Banchet – piano/keys
Yariv Vroom – allround percussion
Fantison Araby O’Bryan – Mandinka percussion
Itai Weissman – EWI
Nathaniel Klumperbeek – bass

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