Marmoucha Orchestra

Saturday, April 13, 2024 - MESSE BREMEN – Hall 7.1

“Sonic Bridges” is a musical partnership between the Marmoucha Orchestra in the Netherlands and Gnawa star Mehdi Nassouli. They’ve worked together on various projects, from the Quarantine Sessions to the Simurgh project, and now the groundbreaking Sahara Koyo. This collaboration has created a new and unique sound crafted by Mehdi Nassouli, Marmoucha Orchestra’s arrangers, and skilled musicians.

During this collaboration, there has been a meaningful exchange of knowledge and understanding between both sides. Now, they’re moving into the next phase – a distinctive sound born from this unique partnership. The Marmoucha Orchestra’s dedication over the past few years has led to a strong and cohesive sound, showcasing their commitment to continuous refinement and artistic development.

In this project, virtuoso players from the Marmoucha Orchestra accompany Mehdi Nassouli, each playing a crucial role. These musicians, who have worked together on various concerts and projects, have a deep understanding of the style and arrangements. What makes this project special is the significant role each musician plays, creating deeper interactions within the compositions and arrangements.

This unique collaboration promises a modern sound influenced by Gnawa, using Western instruments and approaches. The synergy from shared experiences ensures a rich blend of traditional Gnawa style with a contemporary Western touch. This project aims to redefine the fusion of genres, providing a transformative and immersive musical experience.

Mehdi Nassouli – vocals, guembri, krakeb, taarija, ghaita
Arin Keshishi – bass
Timothy Banchet – piano, keys
Tuur Moens – drums
Yishay Glück – guitar
Mohamed Ahaddaf – oud
Maripepa Contreras – oboe
Antonio Moreno Glazkov – trumpet
Pablo Martinez – trombone
María Cristina González – flute
Emad Ghajjou – darbuka, bendir, taarija
Ahmed Hammou – krakeb, backing vocals
Khalid Ezzahiri – krakeb, backing vocals

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