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K.O.Brass is one fiery brass section like you never heard before!

Before they became K.O.Brass, this quintet scorched the stages of the Netherlands’ largest venues and festivals as the brass section of the famed Kyteman Orchestra. With their improvisation and jamming skills tried and tested during the fully improvised shows of Kyteman Orchestra’s Jam Sessions tour, K.O.Brass have taken on a variety of musical challenges. They accompanied high-profile Dutch artists like Typhoon and Wende, contemporary percussion group Slagwerk Den Haag and several theatre productions over the years. In the same time they have been developing their unique style as a standalone band, describing their skillfully arranged songs as ‘contemporary jazz/pop/neo-classical’.

K.O.Brass are able to fill in all roles of a band (melody, accompaniment, bass, groove) with only their five instruments. Originally coming from Suriname, France, Israel, the United States and the Netherlands, the band members’ individual qualities and characters are the starting point when composing and arranging. Not just writing for the instruments but for the players leads to an authentic sound, which can be savoured on K.O.Brass’s debut album Keyo (ZenneZ Records).

Randell Heye – trumpet, flügel horn & baritone
Romain Bly – trumpet, horn, Ergeländer baritone & percussion
Robert-Jan Looysen – horn & Wagnertuba
Kobi Arditi – trombone, euphonium & keys
Patrick Votrian – tuba, cimbasso & sousaphone

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