Idema/Serierse Quartet

Wednesday, June 23, 2021 - LantarenVenster

In this quartet, guitarist Gijs Idema and vocalist Anna Serierse look for new ways of using the guitar and voice together. Seen from a more sound-based angle they thrive for a unique blend between the two instruments, supported by the steady foundation of Cas Jiskoot on the double bass and Tim Hennekes on drums. This quartet is described as a unity that paints in broad strokes, with a strong sense for freedom, melody, rhythm and form.

The members of the Idema/Serierse Quartet met each other in 2016 during their studies at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. Inspired by the blend between voice and guitar, they instantly felt a strong musical connection that they are still deepening. One musical theme that the Quartet are exploring is the search for space and freedom in set compositions. Says Idema: “In our music we like to highlight contrast between the crazy city life and quiet nature, in every way.”

Their debut CD MOTUS was released in November 2020. At their inJazz appearance they played freshly written music which will appear on their second album, including one track inspired by a melody of Lianne La Havas.

Gijs Idema – guitar
Anna Serierse – vocals
Cas Jiskoot – double bass
Tim Hennekes – drums

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