Prashant Samlal Quartet

Wednesday, June 23, 2021 - Paradox

Described by their leader as an avant-garde jazz quartet, the Prashant Samlal Quartet reflects a mix of musical styles, comprising not just the modern jazz greats, but rock and classical music as well. Drawing inspiration for his compositions from people and relationships, nature, and different forms of art, Prashant Samlal formed his band in early 2018, as part of his final exam project at the HKU Conservatory in Utrecht. In the same year The Prashant Samlal Quartet won the Conservatorium Talent Award, after which they started playing concerts and festivals, and appeared on tv with VPRO Vrije geluiden. 2019 saw the release of their debut album, Here and Now. When applying for inJazz in 2021, the Prashant Samlal Quartet had a set of new music ready and a second album is in the works.

In the limbo of the pandemic, Prashant Samlal found the time to record and release a solo project called Intertwined EP (2020). But he stresses that the quartet is still his main focus. “Since the pandemic I’ve written more music than ever, mainly for this band. In my writing I’ve been letting go of stylistic and genre barriers, and just let come out whatever wants to come out. Our band sound to me now is more interesting than ever.”

Prashant Samlal – guitar
Roel Hazendonk – piano
Freek Mulder – bass
Mees Siderius – drums

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