Mehmet Polat Quintet

Thursday, November 4, 2021 - TivoliVredenburg

Mehmet Polat has established himself as a master of the oud, a short-necked, Middle-Eastern string instrument. Bearing resemblance to the lute, Mehmet has extended the instruments’ range with two extra bass strings. In his previous bands and projects he has already blended musical styles of many regions, but never did he explore the combination of the oud with the trumpet of Gijs Levelt, the trombone of Efe Erdem, the tuba of Frans Cornelissen and the drums of Joan Terol Amigo.

‘A miniature big band’ he likes to call the Quintet, that he formed in 2021. Expect Eastern melodies combined with firm doses of jazz and Balkan brass music in a jazzy setting that Mehmet himself describes as ‘dynamic and harmonious’. Take in account Mehmet’s Alevi-Spiritual, Anatolian Folk and Ottoman classical music background, and you can be sure that you are in for an adventurous inJazz session!

Mehmet Polat – oud & composition
Gijs Levelt – trumpet
Efe Erdem – trombone
Frans Cornelissen – tuba
Joan Terol Amigo – drums

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