Coal Harbour

Wednesday, October 27, 2021 - RAUW, Maassilo, Rotterdam

What will the future sound like? That’s the question Coal Harbour — port city on the River Maas: you can’t get more Rotterdam than this — asks in its new project FEEDFORWARD. With no fewer than eleven musicians, the Rotterdam group assembled around pianist, composer and bandleader Robert Koemans gives a foretaste of the sound of 2100. It translates philosophical musings on social developments, technological innovations and human behaviour into a rich sound image saturated with musical colour, as we heard on its well-received debut album JOLT and will no doubt hear on the forthcoming project FEEDFORWARD. Pretentious? Ambitious at most, though nothing wrong with that. On the contrary!

You can venture in various directions with eleven musicians on board. That’s why Koemans uses all eleven. He’s the captain who points the way by mapping the route, but the band members have plenty of opportunity to make their own contribution. Musically speaking, Coal Harbour combines jazz and classical, regularly weaving in musical references and improvisations. This is timeless music to immerse yourself in, and it never tires. FEEDFORWARD is the new Coal Harbour project, created as part of the Nieuwe Makers programme of Jazz International Rotterdam.

  • Merel Junge – violin
  • Hadewijch Hofland – violin
  • Yanna Pelser – viola
  • Thomas van Geelen – cello
  • Tom Ridderbeekx – trumpet
  • Yoran Aarssen – clarinet & saxophone
  • Federico Calcagno – bass clarinet & clarinet
  • Romain Bly – horn, euphonium & trumpet
  • Robert Koemans – piano & compos
  • Thomas Pol – double bass
  • Willem Romers – drums

RAUW, formerly Festival Jazz International Rotterdam, stands for adventurous music that explores the frayed edges of jazz. The festival presents artists who not only tickle the ears, but also challenge, question and amaze. Almost everything presented at RAUW is new, perhaps still in development or even an experiment. The festival emphatically invites and facilitates local makers to create new projects and realise their artistic dreams. In this light RAUW also features (inter)national cooperation and exchange.

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