Marta Arpini – Forest Light

Friday, June 26, 2020 - LantarenVenster

Her music is inspired by Bill Frisell, Elliott Smith and Nick Drave and the grace, gentleness and melancholy in their music. Italian singer Marta Arpini and her fellow musicians create enchanting jazz music. Marta: “Forest Light was born from the fusion between the suggestive atmosphere of the world of the songwriting and the intensive interplay characterising jazz.”

Marta met the others during her master at the Conservatory of Amsterdam in 2017. Marta: “We started out by just rehearsing and playing the compositions I would bring to each session. We realized there was something special: in our band sound, as well as in our commitment to making the music bloom and to develop it.”

With ‘Forest Light’, the singer brings new life into her childhood memories. Marta: “Forest Light discloses a world made of multiple microcosmos, where each of them is a little bubble of beauty, fragility, questions, dreams and wanderings. Forest Light is about the joy of discovering, small details, fresh sensations.”

Marta Arpini – vocals
Massimo Imperatore – guitar
Eduardo Cardinho – vibraphone
Mauro Cottone – bass
Giacomo Camilletti – drums

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