Friday, June 26, 2020 -

Tight beats, melodic grooves, smooth rap flows and catchy vocals. Where the roads to jazz, soul, hiphop and funk cross is where you’ll find JOHN FROST. Add a touch of blues and rock and influences such as D’Angelo, J Dilla and The Roots to complete a total description of their sound.

The band started in 2011 and has been playing ever since. A mixture of young talented musicians and old skool cats. JOHN FROST is a collective, a group of friends and also a family. Percussionist Ista and guitarist Rafael are actually father and son. The love for making good music is timeless and from all generations.

Ferenc Schaller – vocals
Humphrey Portier – vocals
Clarence Schipper – vocals
Robert Liwier – drums
Ista Sinay – percussion
Silas Talacua – bass guitar
Chris Anthony – keys
Randy van Doornum – guitar
Nicolar Fedder – saxophone
Sebastiaan Haverkate – trumpet
Rafael Devánte Sinay – guitar

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