Friday, June 26, 2020 - BIMHUIS

Interplay, innovative and cinematic. Three words to describe SIMIO and the electronic modern jazz and improvised music by this young, Dutch group. With both electronic and acoustic sets, they create a unique and fresh vibe.

“We want to inspire people, make them dance. We love to bring people together from all kind of backgrounds and also to challenge them to to listen to each other, to different styles and to stories.”

Drummer Tim van Emmerloot and pianist Sergio Abdoelrahman met in 2017. Just one year later they already formed a band and invited bass player Cas Jiskoot to join them. Last year, SIMIO was awarded the first prize, audience prize and press prize at the Princess Christina Concours 2019.

Tim van Emmerloot – drums
Cas Jiskoot – bass
Sergio Abdoelrahman – piano

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