Eran Har Even – World Citizen

Friday, June 26, 2020 - LantarenVenster

Contemporary jazz, fusion, world, classic music, programmatic, pop and folkloristic music – all combined together. Eran: “The soundtrack of my life, really. This music could be described as a melting pot of my life experiences.”

Eran Har Even is an Edison nominated Israeli guitarist and composer living in the Netherlands. ‘World Citizen’ is a result of many years of being far away from home. Seeing the world as one big source of inspiration resulted in a path of self-discovery. Together with Israeli bassist Haggai Cohen-Milo, Spanish pianist Xavi Torres and Latvian drummer Ivars Arutyunyans he forms a unique international quartet.

Eran: “To discover what I have to say as an artist I had to move away from my home country Israel and experience life outside my comfort zone. It wasn’t easy to leave it all behind and it felt selfish for a long time, but it shaped my musical personality and through many inspiring musical encounters it lead me to find a unique sound that feels like my own. My dream is to influence as many people as possible to explore the world. I hope that my music will inspire the audience to look for their own path and share it with the world.”

Eran Har Even – guitar
Jeroen Vierdag – double bass
Xavi Torres – piano
Niek de Bruijn – drums

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