Kika Sprangers Quintet

Friday, June 26, 2020 - LantarenVenster

Authentic music with undertones of serenity and melancholy, enriched by royal harmonies. Dutch saxophonist Kika Sprangers moves her audience with this characteristic sound and daring improvisations.

Her quintet was formed in December 2018. The formal quintet style was soon changed into a more acoustic and open sound. The rhythm section and Kika played together before and she was thrilled to add Anna’s voice to the band after working with her in the National Youth Jazz Orchestra.

Her inspiration mostly comes from non-musical elements. For this ensemble Kika wrote new music based on personal characters. These characters were created by her and are inspired by books, films and personal stories. The musical characters are visually expressed by the portrait series ‘Human Traits’ by Karen Van Gilst.

Kika Sprangers – saxophone
Anna Serierse – vocals
Koen Schalkwijk – wurlitzer/ piano
Alessandro Fongaro – double bass
Willem Romers – drums

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