Thursday, June 25, 2020 - BIMHUIS

How does this band sound? It’s a mixture of R&B, jazz and folk music – full of energy. SMANDEM.: “Actually, anything with bounce and soulfulness to it.”

At the Conservatory of Amsterdam, these musicians were drawn to each other because of a mutual interest in urban music and culture. A simple case of ‘birds of a feather flock together’. SMANDEM.: “There’s a certain exhilarating and healing power to music that all four of us have experienced. We have made it our goal to give other people that experience. Also, we just think it’s very cool to play music.”

SMANDEM. is a group with a mission: “For us, jazz is a mixture of styles and cultures. We share a love for today’s popular music and strive to create a sound that combines all of our influences into something relevant.”

Rafael Devanté Sinay – guitar
David Nino van der Grinten – keys
Aäron Bouwman – bass
Kick Woudstra – drums

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