Bonsai Panda

Thursday, June 25, 2020 - LantarenVenster

Contemporary chamber jazz noise! That’s Bonsai Panda. Jelle Roozenburg (guitar) and Louk Boudesteijn (trombone/moog) started Bonsai Panda artistically. They both wrote lots and lots of compositions, rooted in jazz and influenced by blues music and big composers from the 20th century. For this adventure, they gathered David Kweksilber (reeds), Romain Bly (horn/ trumpet) and Jimmi Jo Hueting (drums).

These so called ‘panda’s’ are inspired by life and the people living it. “What we do? We’d like to call it Short Term Memory Music.”

The inJazz team asked Bonsai Panda to share their plan for the upcoming 5 years. Here it is:
• Year 1: release 2 records, play at several big Dutch festivals, club tour in the Netherlands
• Year 2: release two records in collaboration with the Berliner Philharmoniker
• Year 3: premiere in Berlin, London and Rotterdam and a tour
• Year 4: International
• Year 5: Mars

Jelle Roozenburg – guitars/ effects
Louk Boudesteijn – trombone/ moog
Jimmi Jo Hueting – drums
David Kweksilber – reeds
Romain Bly – French horn/ trumpet

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