Suzan Veneman Sextet

Thursday, June 23, 2022 - Kantine Walhalla

Trumpet and flugelhorn player Suzan Veneman has been performing in the clubs and the festivals of the Netherlands with a number of bands and orchestras over the last decade. She is a skilled composer and arranger, with ear-catching achievements in both the USA (where she studied) and Europe. Now she is making waves as a band leader, her sextet being her main focal point since 2019.

Migrations of the Mind, The Suzan Veneman Sextet debut album, has been released in March 2022. Suzan describes her compositions as “storytelling music, expressive and filled with moving melody and harmony.” The COVID years have been tough on Suzan, both personally and artistically. “Playing and writing music has become more important than ever, so we can express how we feel and be heard. This has translated to us playing with more urgency, love and vigor, and makes us feel closer to one another as a band. We need each other in order to succeed and grow, to not take what we do for granted and evolve to become better musicians.”

Suzan Veneman – trumpet, flugelhorn
Joao Driessen – tenor sax
Vincent Veneman – trombone
Timothy Banchet – piano
Tijs Klaassen – bass
Wouter Kühne – drums

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